Laurel Street EcoVillage Co-op
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Mixed-use apartment and offices converted into model sustainable ecovillage!
Sustainable Monterey Bay, in collaboration with a private investor, is transforming a standard three building mixed-use apartment and office complex into a model sustainable ecovillage community. The three apartment buildings have received few improvements over the past 40 years. Sustainable Monterey Bay will change that, creating a community for ownership by cooperative members who will live more lightly on the planet, as a result of the many sustainable features being added.

The Laurel Street EcoVillage Co-op is located in downtown Santa Cruz and is a short 10 - minute walk from the beach. Many residents will not need to own private cars since they are close to shops, restaurants and public transportation. With fewer parking spaces needed, the center courtyard, which is currently used for parking, will be replaced with beautiful gardens, edible landscaping and community space with seating and social areas.

Rooftop gardens double the community space.
Above is an artist's rendition of the converted standard roofs into rooftop gardens.

Sustainable Renovation:
for a healthier living environment!

The Laurel Street EcoVillage Co-op will be a model Transit EcoVillage, demonstrating many aspects of sustainability that Sustainable Monterey Bay future EcoVillages will employ. Rooftops will feature gardens, community space and solar panels. The ecohome units will be remodeled with non-toxic interior paints and carpets. Energy and water efficient fixtures and double-glazed windows will be used throughout. Materials will come from recycled and local sources where possible, and all new timber will come from certified sustainable sources. The community hot tub will run from a solar hot water system.

Social Benefits of EcoVillage Living
The Laurel Street EcoVillage Co-op will offer residents a rare form of social inclusion that many housing developments are lacking today. One former apartment will be converted into a community space, with room for games, meetings, community meals and general social interaction. The rooftop gardens and central courtyard - where parking once stood - will provide ample space for community members to interact and for children to play safely. By being organized into a limited equity cooperative, the residents will have democratic control of their community and the personal pride and satisfaction that results in such a community.

Resident Recruit Begins Soon
Sustainable Monterey Bay is beginning resident recruitment soon. If you are interested in living in a model sustainable community and are dedicated to a car-free lifestyle and/or committed to being part of a cohesive community, please contact or (831) 425-0116.

To learn more about Limited Equity Co-ops visit:

View of the center courtyard.
Parking stands in the place of the future center courtyard. With fewer cars needed in this downtown location, some parking spaces will get converted into more community space.

A spa run by a solar hot water heater.
An artist's vision of the spa area, creating useful community space in a formerly unused area between two buildings.